BANGNA Saw Blade Company has been focusing on research and development of high-end industrial grade alloy saw blades, which are widely used in precision sawing of various materials. BANGNA has a first-class saw blade production line in the industry, with excellent engineers and technical talents, continuous breakthrough in technological innovation and various technical patents.

                    Since 2004, we have carefully developed and manufactured all kinds of alloy circular saw blades with high precision, high quality and long service life. Pursuing Excellence is our goal criterion all along. With the best raw materials, from R&D and production to precision testing, we serve most manufacturing industries such as aerospace, automobile, high-speed rail and electronics with high-end quality.

                    BANGNA Company flexibly responds to various new demands and continuously develops and provides sawing solutions for new materials. We have a never-ending pursuit to create more value and make contributions to the world manufacturing industry.

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